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Saturday, November 05, 2005

Diablo ~ the game


I've been building a computer lately, and that reminds me that my favorite game of all time is still the original DIABLO.  Sure hardcore gamers will sneer because the CG is primitive by todays standards.  But when Blizzard came out with it - last century- it was the all the rage.  And, besides, DIABLO plays great on a Win98 laptop and the advanced DIABLO 2 with expansion packs is not only visually stunning it plays great on the worst solid state onboard video on the cheapest XP eMachines.

If you've never played a computer video game, but you've always wanted to find yourself in the middle of a Robert E Howard story fighting Ray Harryhausen monsters and ultimate evil - then you should give it a try.  But start with the original DIABLO because there is nothing like it, and play it at night, in the dark ... because it will scare the hell out of you.

posted by Tom Novak, who just bought property near Tristram... cheap!

Update ~ from november 2005


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